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DDN - DataDirectNetworks

With the growing need for storage in today's megapixel IP environment there is only one leader in Data Storage, DDN. Since surveillance application requirements are growing exponentially, the number of cameras and frames per second are creating enormous performance and capacity requirements. DDN's storage appliances are the key to providing the scalable bandwidth needed to capture and store 100's to 1,000's of HD camera streams. They can capture and manage multiple terabyte and petabyte environments with the fewest systems, floor space, and power.

Here are some of the benefits DDN's storage appliances offer:

» Scalable NAS, SAN, & Cloud solutions from 100's to 1,000's of
IP cameras
» Able to handle SATA, SAS, and Solid State drives in a single storage system for simple scalability
» Ensured longest performance with no impact during drive rebuilds
» Affordable, high-density and low-overhead storage capacity
» Unrivaled archive energy saving
» Superior long-term data performance with Raid 6(8+2)
» In-storage processing to host data intensive applications

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TRUWitness & Mobile App


DVTEL is a world-class developer of open, scalable end-to-end video NVMS surveillance solutions. TruWitness from DVTEL is an award-winning application that turns first responders into live camera operators with their smartphone: a security industry first. It supports Android based smartphones and devices and can be initiated by a simple tap on the touch screen. There are many applications for this unique and powerful feature. In an emergency, first responders can use their devices to provide visual status reports of an accident scene to their control room or other emergency agencies. Staff can document altercations, problems or other important information visually and in real time. Imagine the possibilities of having multiple mobile cameras on site and on scene to provide live video. The applications are limitless. Furthermore, with the Dvtel Mobile Ap, for Android or iPhone devices, you can use your smartphone to monitor and playback your video systems remotely.


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Aegis3 is the most advanced graphical integrating software to hit the market. With their newest update maps can be created from existing AutoCAD, JPEG, BMP and many other file formats. Aegis3 can integrate with Access Control, Video, Alarm, and Intercom systems. A "chase scene" can now be initiated with a few mouse clicks, enabling the responder to view up to 9 cameras in the same vicinity of an incident. If the suspect moves out of the range of the cameras simply click the new camera and it will bring up the next 9 closest cameras to the suspect, it's that simple to "chase"! Cameras can also be called up based on Intercoms or other alarms that need to be brought to the responder's attention.

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There has been nothing like it up to this point. The new controller features a removable Secure Digital Card (SD) for extraordinary storage capacity and data integrity. The Pinnacle database can be uploaded directly to the card and transferred to the controller. This is especially useful in getting remote systems online even before the company network is up and running. Firmware upgrades can also be done from the SD card. The Sielox AC-1700 Terminal Controller can adapt to changing technology.

Main features include:

» True IP solutions with optional power over Ethernet
» Removable Secure Digital Card (SD) for extraordinary storage capacity and data integrity
» Data transfer rates of up to 100Mbit/s per second to controller CPU
» Web-based maintenance ports for remote diagnostics and updates
» Upgrade Firmware from SD card
» Upload or Download controller database at the Pinnacle computer
» Two controllers in one board via dip switch

The AD-Series Electronic Locking platform is designed to be open and flexible. With its open architecture, the AD-Series can be seamlessly integrated with Sielox Pinnacle Server to provide a cost effective and scalable access control solution. AD-Series wireless locks provide many of the key benefits of a hardwired system including real-time monitoring, audit trails, centralized lockdown and instant access control management. In retrofit applications the Schlage AD-Series wireless locks and devices, which eliminate the need to run wires direct to each opening, can help you extend the reach of your access control system.


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Sielox Class - Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System. Sielox Class provides real-time status of classrooms, court houses, juvenile facilities and other similar facilities. The system updates and notifies administrators and first responders through the use of graphical maps, email and text messaging to assist in making split-second decisions. This scalable, flexible solution for crisis management provides real-time visibility when every second counts and protects what we value most.

Here's how it works;

Educators send color-coded alerts to administrators and first responders through networked devices. Law enforcement and first responders can view dynamic floor plans in real-time, with accurate updates automatically displayed on their mobile phone, tablet or patrol car laptop.

Features include email and text alerts to authorities and responders, two-way chat between classroom and responders and interface to paging and mass notification systems via AC-1700 outputs to trigger preprogrammed announcements and messages.

Sielox Class™ provides critical situational awareness benefits to First Responders with real-time status updates to aid in response and deployment. First Responders no longer walk blindly into harm's way with the knowledge obtained from the Sielox Class™ System and provides for timely accurate decisions.

Sielox Class™ is accessible from anywhere, anytime using iPad, Droid, Smart Phone, Desktop, Laptop, or Smart Board over WAN, LAN, WIFI, and High-speed Cell (3G or 4G) Networks.

Now any authorized user can access Class through a web browser on their phone, tablet, or laptop. Sielox Class can also be used with alarm systems in any building environment with hard wired buttons or by using the existing network infrastructure.

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SIELOX - AnyWare

Accessible anytime, anywhere. Sielox AnyWare browser-based access control solution – a new access control product offering from Sielox, Inc. AnyWare utilizes an IT-friendly network appliance, used in conjunction with Sielox’s industry-leading IP-ready 1700 controllers, AnyWare provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use yet robust access control feature set. Browser-based Access Control.

» Proven security foundation
» Cost-effective solution – no software to install
» Browser-based network appliance
» Simple yet scalable access control monitoring and management
» Desktop, tablet or mobile device are accessible through any browser


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The Do-More PLC from Automation Direct is the latest in the next generation programmable controllers. We have integrated the Do more PLCs with a 15 inch touch screen to control and monitor detention center lockup access control, paging systems, inputs, and outputs. With this new piece of hardware and software we can design a layout of the current system and integrate it into the touch screen system. The possibilities of using a PLC board to monitor inputs & control outputs with ladder logic programming are endless!

plcModule     plcDiagram

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